Puffy Paint

Create masterpieces with this puffy paint experiment using self-rising-flour.
Materials: Flour, Salt, Water, Food Coloring

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The Naked Egg

Remove the shell from an egg, without breaking anything. All it takes is some patience and science!
Materials: Eggs, vinegar & large glass or cup

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Lava Lamp

Make your very own Lava Lamp and learn about density, chemical reaction & carbon dioxide.
Materials: Oil, water, food coloring, & alka seltzer

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Elephant Toothpaste

A cool experiment that looks at exothermic reaction & catalyst.
Materials: hydrogen peroxide, dry yeast, water, dishwashing liquid soap, food coloring, bottle, cup, spoon, funnel

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Flubba Bubba

Similar to Slime but better! Learn about Chemical Reactions & Polymers.
Materials: Liquid Glue, liquid starch or liquid detergent (Tide), plastic cups, spoons & a straw.

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