Mixture: A​ substance made by mixing two substances together. In our experiment, we will be mixing cornstarch and water.

Molecules​: The smallest components of a material that can be separated from each other. In solids, the molecules are strongly bonded to each other and cannot move. In liquids, the molecules are less strongly attracted to each other and can rearrange.

Polymer​: A long chain of molecules.


  • Cornstarch (1/4 cup), in a plastic bag
  • Water (1/8 cup, or three spoonfuls)
  • Foil Tray or Bowl


  1. Slowly add each spoonful of water to the cornstarch and mix with your fingers as you add it.
  2. Touch and play with your Oobleck! Try swirling it around and poking it at different speeds with your finger.


  • Try slapping the Oobleck with the palm of your hand as hard as you can. What happened?
  • Try poking your finger into the Oobleck very slowly. What happened?
  • What does your Oobleck feel like?
  • Does it feel like a liquid, a solid, or both?
  • When does your Oobleck feel like a solid and when does it feel like a liquid?

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