Looking for an exciting and engaging way for your child to learn about engineering and electronics? Look no further than our snap circuit camp! Our camp is the perfect introduction for young campers to learn about basic circuitry concepts by building their own components like musical doorbells, sirens, motion detectors, and fans with lights using hands-on snap circuit kits. Your child will gain in-depth knowledge about electricity, batteries, and parallel and series circuits while having a blast building their own creations. If your child loves creative and hands-on projects, then the snap circuit camp is the perfect choice for them!

For kids ages 6 to 8. Campers will be grouped by age/skill level.

Skill Overview

  • Circuit Building and Troubleshooting: Campers will acquire hands-on skills in building circuits and identifying effective connections. Through experimentation, they’ll learn what works and what doesn’t in the world of electrical circuitry.
  • STEM Exploration and Application: campers will engage in STEM activities, applying scientific and engineering principles in a practical setting. The camp fosters a curiosity for STEM fields by combining learning with the creation of fun and functional projects.

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