Light, camera, action! Campers will work as a team to create their movies with Legos. They will learn about the history of animation and develop a storyboard for their film. They will start to produce & edit captivating stop-motion animation footage from the storyboard, adding a dynamic layer to their creations. But that’s not all – the adventure continues as campers import their footage into iMovie, where they’ll take charge of sound effects, music, special effects, titles, and credits, transforming their LEGO movie into a cinematic masterpiece.

For ages 9 to 12. Campers will be grouped by age.

Skill Overview

  • Stop-Motion Animation Techniques: Campers will acquire skills in stop-motion animation, learning how to plan and execute the creation of short films frame by frame using iStopMotion.
  • Storyboarding and Storytelling: Through collaboration, campers will develop the ability to storyboard their ideas, turning their creative concepts into a cohesive narrative for their LEGO animated films.
  • Digital Editing and Multimedia Integration: Campers will gain proficiency in digital editing using iMovie, where they will import their stop-motion footage and enhance it with sound effects, music, special effects, titles, and credits, honing their multimedia editing skills.

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