Guided by the principles of the engineering design process, campers will unleash their creativity, designing and building prototypes using the same tools, skills, and innovative thinking employed by renowned inventors. Get ready for an adventure in engineering as they craft catapults and forts, construct working light sticks, build suspension bridges from recycled materials, and embark on a multitude of other exciting engineering projects. It’s a week packed with hands-on fun and the thrill of turning imaginative ideas into reality!

For kids ages 6 to 12. Campers will be grouped by age.

Skills Overview

  • Introduction to how engineering is applied in the real world and how it’s shaping our future. Participate in fun, interactive, hands-on activities. Experience how engineers work in teams to solve global challenges. Build awesome projects that teach engineering concepts by making things like rockets, remote control cars, drones, trebuchets, buildings and much more.
  • Problem Solving & Resource Management Skills That help kids learn to allocate and use finite resources and develop insightful solutions to problems
  • Crucial Life Skills Students will learn how to work as a team, attention to detail, communicate, be resilient and think outside the box.

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