November 1, 2019

We live in a technology age and our world is constantly evolving around technological advances. Coding is a valuable 21st century skill for children to develop. Yes, children should learn coding too!

There are so many benefits to children developing this skill at an early age. Many kids use digital technology in their everyday lives in some way. As they learn to code, it will foster an appreciation for and an understanding of these devices and applications that they know and love.

Coding also teaches kids how to think logically, how to problem solve and how to be persistent which in turn will lead to academic success.

SciGenius Top 10 Benefits of Children Learning to Code

  1. Attention to Details: In the world of coding, one small mistake can shut down an entire program. As kids work through skilled appropriate coding activities, they will inevitably learn to be attentive to details.
  2. Communication Skills: Comparative to language, coding helps kids strengthen both verbal and written communication skills.
  3. Creative Thinking: Coding cultivates out of the box thinking, embracing the ability to be creative towards solving problems.
  4. Focus: Focus is a critical component to coding. Learning to code will help kids expand their ability to concentrate on specific tasks at hand.
  5. Improves Math Skills: Coding projects add a fun, creative and practical element to math problems. It helps kids to visualize abstract concepts while applying math to real world scenarios.
  6. Problem Solving: This is one of the most prominent reasons parents choose to involve their children in coding. What better way to teach a young mind how to solve problems then developing code! As a bonus, kids who code also learn how to anticipate problems and how to proactively work through challenges.
  7. Perseverance: A kid who can code can do anything! Our SciGenius kids leave our camps and programs feeling empowered and confident in their abilities to overcome challenges – big or small!
  8. Real World Examples: The SciGenius curriculum allows students to acquire the fundamentals of coding by utilizing real world scenarios such as designing an on-line web store or product database.
  9. Thinking Skills: Coding teaches critical thinking, logical thinking, structural thinking and more! Cultivating kids’ ability to think allows for increases in performance and the ability to overcome obstacles more fluidly.
  10. Workplace Readiness: When we think of coding, we automatically think of careers in tech. Truth is, the skills learned can translate to numerous career paths in different fields when applied strategically.

SciGenie makes coding fun and easy for kids of all ages! We offer several great curriculums such as programming basics, and more advance programming language writing such as Python and Javascript. We use various methods to teach coding such as coding and flying drones, and so much more!

Your kids are sure to find something that ignites their passion for learning. Explore our programs and get your child started coding today!

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